Mano Amiga Academy

Quality education and holistic formation
High Quality Education

The school uses an international curriculum that is tailored to the local environment while still being benchmarked against global education standards.

Committed Teachers

Mano Amiga developed an intensive teacher training program emphasizing child-centered instruction, active learning and other techniques that develop the students’ leadership, critical thinking and communication skills.

Personalized attention

Mano Amiga pays special attention to each student’s individual growth, knowing that no two students learn the same way.

Home and Family Support

Mano Amiga also focuses on developing positive family relationships, to ensure a safe and open, and cooperative home environment for their students.

The school gives regular parenting and health seminars, spiritual recollections, and regular house visits to learn the home situation.

In addition, they also provide economic and skills development opportunities via their skills training programs.

Well-rounded Formation

The pedagogy of the school was developed by the Legionaries of Christ , focusing of 4 pillars of formation.

First, on the intellectual level to pursue truth and knowledge. Secondly, on the human level, to build good relationships, critical thinking and self esteem.

Thirdly, on the spiritual level, to form the right virtues and values. Lastly, on the apostolic level, to form a heart of service.