About Mano Amiga

Originating from Mexico, the Mano Amiga school system began in 1963 and has grown to 40 schools all over the world over the last 50 years.

The success of the Mano Amiga model is evident through the students who graduate. 97% of scholars around the world are able to finish high school and pursue higher levels of education. Their alumni go on to achieve careers in medicine, law, business, finance, engineering, and education.

In the Philippines, the first Mano Amiga school started in 2008 on a small temporary campus in Taguig City. Currently it caters to students from kindergarten to 5th grade, with the intention of growing a new level every year.

Mano Amiga is currently raising funds to build its first permanent campus which will enable them to provide education and livelihood to at least 1,200 families. Mano Amiga also aims to replicate the school model in 15 new locations by 2025.