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Shore It Up 2017: Duka Bay

Project Overview




On its 9th year of volunteer service, Shore It Up continues to help Rescue,
Restore and Revive the environment nationwide. Following its activity in
Surigao Del Norte, Shore It Up partnered with another Local Government
Unit in Mindanao – Medina, Misamis Oriental.

While programs for mangrove propagation and protection are implemented
continually, Shore It Up aims to help another municipality to restore its
damaged reef and help reach its potential for eco-tourism through Shore It
Up activities.

With a board of scientific advisors now supporting, Shore It Up is now
preparing for the launching of its nationwide campaign through “Shore It
Up Weekend”.



About Medina

about-medina-2017Medina is a fourth class municipality in the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines. According to the 2015 census, it has a population of 32,907 people.

This is a rectangular shaped coastal town and is 120 kms. away from Cagayan de Oro City and 16 kms. away from the City of Gingoog. Situated along the shores of Gingoog Bay in the eastern side, it is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Talisayan, on the South by Gingoog and on the West by Claveria.

The coastline is irregular with a total length of about 9.19 kilometers. It embraces 9 barangays. Beaches are predominantly sandy (black & white) and is good for swimming with some good diving attractions specifically in barangays Duka and Cabug.

“Duka Reef” Marine Protected Area (MPA) is a 30 hectares Marine fishery reserve re-established as an amendment from its old name “Fish Sanctuary”.

Since early 2002, several coral research studies were made providing promising results and recognitions. Aside from coral research and enhancement, protection measures were also undertaken with the initiatives of the local government and the private sectors in the area. The exceptional beauty of “Duka reef” in terms of live colorful corals and fishes, and the beach resorts in Barangay Duka are the main attractions in the area which promotes Medina town and declared as the tourism capital of Misamis Oriental in 2006.


The Problem

1.Damaged Coral Reef

In 2009 a natural phenomenon caused by devastating Northeast monsoon “cold storm” physically disturbed the scenic and natural beauty of the Duka reef. Some of the corals in the shallower parts of the reef system were damaged, and some naturally and artificially grown corals were affected and wash out by huge waves.

Starting from the year 2009 to date, corals re-growth and increasing fish population were observed showing signs of rehabilitation. This natural incident was not properly documented leaving queries on how much was the level of ecological disturbance made by the storm.

Photos: Feb. 4, 2017 @ Duka Reef By Ralph L. Balmaceda

2. Undocumented Whaleshark

It has been observed by many fishermen within Gingoog Bay that “Tawike” or Whale Sharks (Rhincodontypus) are frequently found within coastal waters specifically the municipality of Medina and Talisayan. The status or specific pattern of “Tawike” migration is not yet determined which is crucial for their conservation.

Photos: April 30, 2016, 12:00 Noon, @ Medina Point By Lemuel R. Alfeche

3.Lack of sustained awareness program

While the LGU and private stakeholders are doing all their can to conserve their marine environment, there is a need to have a sustained awareness campaign to inform the community and the surrounding municipalities along the Gingoog Bay.


Siu Solutions

Shore It Up shall implement the following activities:

  1. Underwater Assessment to be conducted by SIU Volunteer Divers. Divers will be organized by groups and shall be divided in the three (3) dive sites inside the Duka Reef Marine Protected Area. Each team will assess and observe the area, take photos and study. After interacting with local divers and the marine biologist in identifying possible causes and issues, each team will present possible action plans for conservation and present it SIU Team and LGU with their commitment to help.
  2. Underwater Clean-up to be conducted by SIU Volunteer Divers and local divers. The LGU and local stakeholders shall identify sites for underwater clean-up.
  3. Coastal Clean-up to be conducted simultaneously along the nine (9) coastal Barangays of Medina. All organizations, public and private, from the Municipality of Medina shall be invited to participate.
  4. Junior Environmental Scouts to be conducted by Shore It Up to selected children (9-11 years of age) from the nine (9) coastal barangays of Medina.
  5. “Takbo Para Sa Tawike” is a community organized fun run for adults, youths and children to increase awareness related to conservation of Tawike (Butanding) that are seen in Medina.
  6. Tawike Monitoring Project will train 2 fishermen per coastal barangay in the recording Tawike sightings along the waters of Medina. The data to be collected will be used to establish the migration pattern of the Tawikes in Medina, basis for conservation programs and to check if their presence can sustain a possible eco-tourism activity.





Event Itinerary
Date/Day/Time Activities PERSON IN CHARGE
April 7, 2017 – Friday
07:25 am Departure for Butuan City via 5J 785
09:30 am Land transfer to Medina
11:15 am Arrival at Duka Bay Resort
11:30 am Welcome Program

  • – Welcoming of volunteers (5min)
  • – Welcoming to Medina (5min)

  • Ms. Melody Del Rosario
  • Mayor Donato N. Chan
12:00 nn Lunch

  • – About the MPA (5min)
  • – Dive Groupings and Boat Assignments (5min)

  • Lemuel Alfeche
  • Casty Pambid
01:00 pm Gear Up
01:30 pm Dive 1 – Underwater/Coral Assessment
03:00 pm Rest
05:00 pm Learning Session

  • – Demonstration of Marker Buoy
  • – Group discussion/activities the next day

  • Mr. Jake Miranda
  • Mr. Ralph Balmaceda
07:00 pm Dinner, Rest, Free Time

Overnight @ Duka Bay Resort

April 8, 2017 – Saturday
06:00 AM Coastal Clean-up
Kick-off Program

  • – Message from Medina Mayor
  • – About the coastal clean-up, sites and protocols
  • – Message from Shore It Up, SIU Medina cheer and kick-off

  • Mayor Donato N. Chan
  • Medina MENRO/other
  • Ms. Melody Del Rosario
08:30 am Breakfast
09:30 am Dive 2 – Underwater Clean-up

  • – Purpose of the activity
  • – Clean-up the Shore It Up way;
    Review of organization and safety

  • Ms. Melody Del Rosario
  • Mr. Benjie Del Rosario
11:00 am Freshen up, rest, Lunch
02:00 pm Junior Environmental Scouts Ms. Melody Del Rosario
05:00 pm Rest, Mass
06:00 pm Dinner
07:00 pm Acknowledgements and Fellowship

Overnight @ Duka Bay Resort

April 9, 2017 – Sunday
07:00 am Breakfast
08:30 am Presentation of SIU Volunteer Teams
(Findings, Action Plans, Commitments)
Mr. Carlos Libosada
11:00 am Lunch, check-out
12:00 am Land travel to Bancasi Airport, Butuan City
01:45 pm Check-in
03:45 pm Departure for Manila
05:20 pm Arrival at NAIA Terminal 3

** End of Activity**

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