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We rescue, restore, and revive ecosystems.


On its 7th year of volunteer service, Shore It Up continues to help Rescue, Restore and Revive the environment nationwide. It has proven its commitment for sustainability and will still look for opportunities to help various coastal communities in the country.

This year, along with its partners and volunteers, Shore It Up shall continue to help in the protection and propagation of mangroves in the country through information campaigns and establishment of information centers.

Shore It Up shall also start to help out threatened water channels or passages in the country and the communities located in its coast.

Shore It Up  2015 Activities

  1. Two (2) Clean-up/Assessment Dives with local stakeholders and other organizations /agencies involved in the protection of Hinatuan Passage
  2. Simultaneous Coastal Clean-up to all coastal municipalities/barangays along Hinatuan Passage
  3. Junior Environmental Scouts (JES) with 1,000 participants coming from the municipalities along Hinatuan Passage


Mangroves are the major vegetation in the coastal areas of the province. The salt-water loving trees form interminable marine forests covering 175 square kilometres (68 sq mi) along the coasts of the mainland and the islands of Siargao and BucasGrande.

The province also boasts of a variety of marine ecosystems like the lush seagrassbeds and coral reefs which are relatively healthy and intact, supporting a rich diversity of marine flora and fauna.



The Passage’s municipalities rely heavily on its coastal and marine resources for development.

These resources are being threatened by the proliferation of illegal fishing, mangrove conversion, increasing siltation, degradation of marine habitats and other issues that are adversely affecting marine production.

Hinatuan Passage is composed of seven municipalities and one city in mainland Surigao and shares the ecologically important passage/channel along its coastal Barangays. 98 out of the total of 149 Barangaysor 65% of the Barangaysare coastal.

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