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Event Overview 2014




Reaching 70,000 volunteers over the past five years, Shore It Up had already proven its commitment to Rescue, Restore and Revive the environment.

With the help of its 292 partners, Shore It Up was able to clean a coastline totalling to 328 km. in 2013 alone and was able to protect almost 5,000 hectares of mangroves through its CO2DC project. A total of 1,000 children from coastal communities benefited from the JES program and are now Shore It Up’s junior environmental scouts in their community.

This year, Shore It Up will take another gigantic step by making it a NATIONWIDE campaign and activity to Rescue, Restore and Revive the Philippine islands!


Project 1 – Visayas

Shore It Up will embark to more in depth and long-term projects for sustainability.

Partnership with SCREMP


The DENR’s national program (2012-2016) that will conduct a strategic, sustainable and eco-system-based approach in protecting and rehabilitating coral reef ecosystem within the country.

Through the partnership, Shore It Up shall help DENR in 34 marine protected areas nationwide. It will assist in the first three components of SCREMP namely: Habitat and Vulnerability Assessment, Coral reef rehabilitation and protection, and Social mobilization and development.


SCREMP-Shore It Up Site for 2014 will be Pamilacan Island, Baclayon, Bohol

Pamilacan Island


Pamilacan Island, under the jurisdiction of the Municipality of Baclayon, is situated 14 kilometres (8.7 mi) south from the mainland. There are only around 200 families living on the island, whose main livelihoods now concentrate on dolphin and whale watching tours and subsistence fishing, but in the past have also included whale, dolphin and manta ray hunting. Pamilacan means “resting place of the mantas”, but is also been interpreted to derive from the word pamilac, or harpoon, a device that was historically used to capture the mantas, dolphins and whales.

The island has beautiful white sand beaches and some great dive sites, such as Dakit-Dakit. Additionally, the island is also home to a 200-year-old Spanish fort, located at the northeast of the island, which in the past served as a watch station for the Spaniards against intruders, such as pirates and other enemies.


Shore It Up – Padayon Bohol Yr. 6

Bangon Bohol was the 1st battle cry right after the 7.2 magnitude earthquake jolted most of  the major towns and old churches in the province.

The provincial leaders and the Boholanons felt that after the many months that have passed,  the province cannot remain fallen and stay destitute all the time.  They must move on.  Hence, Padayon means to move on, persist.

SIU Padayon Bohol is a rightful name to uphold, support and shore up the whole province of Bohol.


Event Itinerary
June 20, 2014 June 21, 2014
9:20 AM Departure for Bohol via PAL PR 2773 8:00 AM Breakfast
10:35 AM Arrival @ Tagbilaran Airport
Land Transfer to Baclayon Boat Transfer to Pamilacan
10:00 AM Environmental Forum
12:15 PM Arrival Pamilacan Island
Welcome and Briefing
Livelihood turn-over JES (lunch)
11:30 AM Lunch
02:15 PM Departure for Bohol via PAL PR 2773 01:30 PM Departure for Tagbilaran Airport
03:15 PM First Dive
SIT a Balicasag & PM Snacks
04:40 PM ETD for Manila via PAL PR 2778
04:45 PM Second Dive 05:55 PM ETA Manila
05:40 PM Departure for Bellevue Resort
06:40 PM Arrival at Bellevue Resort Check-in, Rest
08:30 PM Appreciation Dinner, Awarding

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