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Event Overview 2012

Shore It Up 2012 is the fourth coastal/underwater clean-up and environmental protection campaign after its successful start on 2009. It is a CSR project of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. Foundation with E & S Adventure Tours as its ground partner.

For this year 2012, the ground partner is recommending Subic Bay which is situated in Zambales Province on the west coast of Luzon 120 kilometres north of Manila. Mountains with lush jungles bound its coastal area. Mountains with lush dense jungles, suitable for trekking, surround the coastal area. The bay cuts out into the South China Sea.

This year will be another unique opportunity for volunteers of Shore It Up to take part in various activities on top of cleaning. Managers and employees of MPIC and its owned companies, families, academic institutions, environmentalists, scientists, LGUs and tourism stakeholders will be invited to participate in this campaign.

The date , September 15-16, 2012, is in conjunction to Clean Up the World weekend.

About Subic Bay

Subic Bay is surrounded by the town of Subic and Olongapo City, both in the province of Zambales. Development of Olongapo City was largely tied to the presence of the United States Navy base at Subic Bay, once the largest U.S. military naval base in Asia. An arsenal and ship-repair facility was established at Subic Bay in 1885 by the then colonial power, Spain. Following the Spanish-American war, Subic Bay became a U.S. Navy and Marine base, and grew to be a major facility. Until 1991, it was the base of the United States 7th Fleet.

In early 1991, after the collapse of protracted negotiations, the Philippine Senate rejected terms for renewal of the lease of the base. The US Navy was already in the process of downsizing its Subic operations in June 1991, when Mount Pinatubo erupted. One of the largest volcanic eruptions in the last 100 years, it covered the Navy Base in volcanic ash and collapsed a significant number of structures. The last ship, USS Belleau Wood, left on November 24, 1992.

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Why Subic

There are many reasons why Shore It Up 2012 should be in Subic.
Here’s why:

  1. It is within Luzon and because it only requires land travel, logistics will be easier.
  2. There are other activities (scientific and research) that we can be involved with on top of cleaning.
  3. Subic is in the north which means people going there will use NLEX. On our way, we can play AVP of Metro Pacific Tollways in the bus for the volunteers to know or perhaps we can invite their staff to be on-board while in NLEX for presentation.
  4. On the way to Subic we can do other possible activities like tree planting or clean-up either in NLEX or in SCTEX.
  5. Since Subic is very accessible, it may provide flexibility in the schedule of volunteers depending on preference: Non-divers can go back to Manila after the events in Day 1, while divers may also arrive early morning of Day 2.
  6. Presence of reliable scuba dive centers which will help and support underwater activities and availability of equipments and dive professionals.
  7. Our dive partner is PADI 5 Star Dive Resort

Proposed Activity

DAY 1image4-2012

  1. Tree planting of Caballero @ SBMA – In partnership with SBMA
  2. Shore clean-up with 100 school children Distribution of school supplies – In partnership with SBMA



  1. Underwater Clean-up – Coral Island (Depth: 2m-15m) – Strictly for scuba divers
  2.  Artificial reef installation – Strictly for scuba divers

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