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Event Overview 2011

Shore It Up 2011 is the third coastal/underwater clean-up and environmental protection campaign after its successful start on 2009. It is a CSR project of Metro Pacific Investments Corp. Foundation with E & S Adventure Tours as its overall organizer.

For this year 2011, the organizers had chosen Hundred Islands as its recipient . The count, even greater (actually 124 at low tide and 123 at high tide), sums up the grouping of isles scattered incidentally along Lingayen Gulf, many of which are still unexplored. Covering an area of 1,844 hectares, the islands are believed to be some two million years old.

This year is a unique opportunity for volunteers of Shore It Up 2011 to take part in various activities on top of cleaning. Families, academic institutions, environmentalists, scientists, LGUs and tourism stakeholders will be invited to participate in this campaign.

About Hundred Islands



The Philippines is blessed with a thriving marine ecosystem, supported by reefs and mangrove forests. And the Hundred Islands National Park, the first Natural Park in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, is no exception. Its alluring cerulean waters, strewn with 123 islets, is also home to the fragile and diverse jewels of the Philippine Sea – the Coral Reefs. They shelter, feed and protect a copious number of sea creatures of the Park. They also aid the 123 islets in protecting the city’s coast from the impact of waves. Their hard and soft corals with awe-inspiring forms and interesting hues that glistened mystically in the deep, creates a magical underwater vista. Divers and snorkelers can have the time of their lives gliding over it and beside the many magnificent fishes and other sea creatures.

Sadly, these gems became endangered in the Philippines and some parts of the world and started to sink in a deplorable state, a trend that local and foreign scientists believe maybe irreversible. With the onslaught of dynamite and cyanide fishing, aggravated by neglect and increase in population, the Park finally met the same plight.

However, decisive programs that target the rehabilitation and restoration of the splendor of these beautiful and vital water resources have been implemented. Artificial reefs were introduced in parts of the Park, where the corals are quite depleted. Hope became strong at the frequent visits of fishes, which eventually settled in or near the area of the artificial reefs. Just like the natural reefs, they will serve as vital breeding grounds for the sea creatures, so they could again flourish and replenish the Park’s resources. And the City is committed in securing the protection of these new treasures.

Now, the Park is on its way up to recovery and tourists who would immerse themselves in a diving or snorkeling underwater exploration beneath its revitalized waters, would find it beginning to breath in the scent of its old health and magnificence, supported by both natural and artificial reefs.

Why Hundred Islands

There are many good reasons why Shore It Up 2011 should be in Hundred Islands.
Here’s why:

  1. It is within Luzon and because it only requires land travel, logistics will be easier.
  2. Typhoon may not be problem. Incase there will be a typhoon, we can easily change venue of the clean-up to other islands inside the cluster to avoid waves.
  3. There are other activities (scientific and research) that we can be involved with on top of cleaning.
  4. The City Government is supporting the event 100%. Something that we do not have last year.
  5. There are various adventure/leisure activities that volunteers can enjoy in the next day, other than diving/snorkeling.
  6. Possible Adopt-an-Island program for MPIC. The city government is offering this. But it will also depend on the meeting with them.
  7. There are many community or environmental protection projects that MPIC can be involved with the destination even after the event.
  8. Hundred Islands is in the north which people going there will use NLEX. On our way, we can play AVP of Metro Pacific Tollways in the bus for the volunteers to know or perhaps we can invite their staff to be on-board while in NLEX for presentation.
  9. Alaminos City Gov’t will provide live streaming of the event (they will install cameras in the islands). People will watch us thru led TV in the City while those in Manila can watch live through the SIU website.

Proposed Activity

The following activities will be done simultaneously by volunteers:

  1. Clam Moving/Rearrangement (For Divers) – Group 1 – Will be assigned to 25 professional divers and will be supervised by University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute (UPMSI)
  2. Coral Replanting (For Divers) – Group 2 – Will be assigned to 25 professional divers and will be supervised by UPMSI
  3. Mangrove Planting (For Non-Divers) – Group 3 – Will be assigned to 50 non-diver volunteers and will be supervised by the City Agriculture Office
  4. Shallow Water Clean-up (Snorkelers) – Will be assigned to 50 snorkelers and will be supervised by the City Tourism Office and Shore It Up.
  5. Shore/Coastal Clean-up (Non-divers & Student) – Will be assigned to 50 volunteers and will be joined by local volunteers including pre-approved students from the area and boatmen/souvenir vendors. Will be supervised by the City Tourism Office and Shore It Up.

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