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The Philippines is at the center of the so-called Coral Triangle, a vast area that embraces Indonesia and Malaysia that has the most diverse marine life in the whole world. Thousands upon thousands of fish, shell, coral, plant, and micro species thrive in this archipelagic combine, especially since so many bays, inlets, coves, and atolls have bred life endemic and unique to these semi-enclosed water spaces and interstices. And one such area is Anilao, a divers paradise, whose underwater gardens are the envy of the marine world.

With marine life threatened throughout the world, due to overfishing, acidification, ocean warming, bleaching, waste dumping, and other man-made and man-caused destructive forces, the MPIC Foundation took the cudgels to help rehabilitate our aquatic resources. In a small but not insignificant step toward this goal, the Foundation launched “Shore It Up” the first coastal clean-up in Anilao last September 2009, with 20 volunteers from Scuba world and Outrigger Dive Resort. This entailed the physical removal of so much human trash and refuse from the waters of this precious segment of Batangas Bay, even on the heels of another typhoon. At the end of the day, bags of plastics, cans, wrappers, bottles, tetras, metals, and many more were removed from the marine haven.


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