Saving the Marine Ecosystem

Join us in the fight for preservation and conservation
Jake Miranda

Technical Diving, Buoys

As a young officer in the Navy serving in the western and southern frontiers, he saw the vastness of our marine resources and the huge effort it would take to protect it. As he moved to private life, he ventured in businesses that would take him back to the sea, and get his feet wet again, one community at a time.

He served as President of the Surigao Chamber of Commerce and Industry for four years, which won as Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry’s Best Business Chamber for Mindanao during his term from 2008 to 2010.

He was a Director at the Mindanao Development Authority from 2010 to 2012, sitting as official representative of the whole business sector of Mindanao.

As a licensed Scuba Diving Instructor and commercial diver, it is his endless quest to educate and train more divers in Surigao. Under a pioneering program of DENR and translating the instruction manuals to the local dialect, he was able to train 50 fishermen in Siargao to become reef divers, proving that fishermen have what it takes to become responsible scuba divers. His dive shop trained more than 80% of the DENR and BFAR divers in Caraga region. He believes that money spent on creating artificial reefs is better used to educate and train stakeholders on how to protect existing reef systems.

After ending up with 2,000 empty plastic barrels from a ship salvage operation in 2012, he devised a way of recycling the barrels into sturdy marker buoys for fish sanctuaries. He then taught others how to make the recycled buoys. His design has since been adopted in many areas, and was a prominent project of Shore It Up. Another company, Republic Chemical producing Pioneer adhesives followed his design for their sanctuaries in Palawan.

He also co-founded Filipino Cave Divers (FCD), a non-profit group of technical cave divers exploring and protecting the wet caves, springs and aquifers all over the country. The FCD was just granted permanent member status in the National Cave Committee. Recently, he led the successful effort to close the famous Enchanted River in Hinatuan, Surigao del Sur because of the grave effects of mass tourism. The LGU and other stakeholders were finally convinced to take a better approach to showcasing this renowned attraction.

Presently he manages Hotel Tavern, Surigao City’s landmark hotel at the seaside boulevard, and is busy renovating it after the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that hit Surigao City last February 10, 2017.